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In this paper, we mainly take the Forlander tire brand pattern as an example, examples and answers a series of problems(Purchase Tire FAQ) that may be encountered in the process of buying new tyres. The service life of tires, the repair and replacement of tires and the choice of different tire specification are discussed respectively.

Purchase Tire Forlander tire

I.How Long Is Tire Life?

The tire life is influenced by various factors and can vary depending on usage, road conditions, maintenance, and other factors. However, there are common problems that can affect tire wear and tear:

1.Uniform surface wear: This is a normal phenomenon, and the tire’s pattern plays a crucial role in maintaining grip and water dispersion. Once the pattern has worn down to the recommended depth (usually 1.6 millimeters for tires wider than 175 millimeters), it is essential to replace the tire.

2.Outer edge wear: Significant wear on the outer edge of the tire indicates underinflation. Regularly check tire pressure and inflate according to the recommended standards. Underinflated tires can negatively impact grip, especially on rainy days.

3.Convex and wavy wear: If there is convex wear on both sides of the tire’s landing area, along with wavy wear around the circumference, it suggests severe wear in the car’s shock absorbers, bearings, and spherical coupling components. It is advisable to inspect and replace worn suspension components before replacing tires.

4.Internal damage to tires: After collisions or driving with a flat tire, the rubber layer of the tire may sustain serious scratches, compromising its sealing ability. In such cases, the tire may leak or even fail. Small wounds can be repaired for emergency use, but for long-distance travel, immediate replacement is recommended.

It is important to note that tire life can vary, and regular inspections, proper maintenance, and adhering to recommended standards will help maximize tire life and ensure safe driving conditions.

II. What is the Meaning Of Tire Specification And So Many Design How Can I Choose Them

What do the parameters on the tires mean

7.00R16LT is the parameter of the tire. Among them, 175 represents the cross-sectional width of the tire, R represents the radial tire, and 16 represents the inner diameter of the tire, which is 16 inches.

Forlander Tire

2.LT represents that the tire is a light duty truck tire.Forlander Tire

3.3C certification. Compulsory certification in our country represents that the quality meets Chinese standardsForlander Tire

  1. DOT 00N 19H001 shows that the tire complies with the DOT standard. DOT stands for certification by the US Department of Transportation, usually followed by a string of numerical letters representing the tire’s place of origin information and factory code.
  2. The production date of the tire. There are a total of 4 digits, with the first 2 digits representing the production week of the tire and the last 2 digits representing the year. The tire in the figure is produced in the 33rd week of 2022. Considering that the lifespan of tires is generally around 5 years, when purchasing tires, it is important to carefully check the production date to avoid buying inventory tires. 

Forlander Tire

6.E4, this is the ECE identification for EU certification regulations. This represents that the tire complies with EU standards.

III.How to choose tire patterns?

1.Longitudinal patterned tires, as the name suggests, are designed longitudinally on the tread, with a continuous circumference, mainly suitable for steering wheels.

Its main advantage lies in its ability to increase the tire’s anti slip ability during steering, and its rolling resistance is relatively small, which can reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent; The heat dissipation and drainage performance are also better, and it is less prone to slipping when driving on water roads. At the same time, the generated vibration is smaller and the comfort is higher.

But there are also certain drawbacks. The longitudinal pattern has a high longitudinal stiffness, and the grip is slightly weaker when driving straight. When braking suddenly, it is easy to slip and embed small stones. If not cleaned in time, it can also cause damage to the tire, and in serious cases, it may even lead to a tire blowout.

Forlander TireForlander Tire

Some general-purpose tires also adopt a longitudinal pattern design, generally divided into “three grooves, four grooves”. The three grooves, also known as the three longitudinal pattern design, have stronger grip, after all, their contact area with the ground is larger, the friction force is also greater, and the shoulder of the tire is wider, providing better wear resistance. Generally applicable to trailers. However, it is important to avoid using the steering wheel as it can reduce the vehicle’s anti slip ability at higher speeds.

The drainage capacity of the four grooves (four longitudinal stripes) is stronger, and the stability is stronger when driving on rainy days. However, excessive wear is prone to occur on both sides of the tread, making it unsuitable for use on trailers.

2.Horizontal pattern

The horizontal pattern has a horizontal design on the tire surface, which has a relatively high horizontal stiffness and is mainly suitable for driving wheels.

Its main advantage is that when driving in a straight line normally, it has strong power and can increase friction, so it has strong passability in poor road conditions. Not only applicable to general roads but also to unpaved surfaces.

However, when turning at high speeds, longitudinal patterns are more prone to slipping and other situations. At the same time, the rolling resistance is relatively high, and the pattern is prone to wear. From a cost perspective, under the same conditions, fuel consumption will be higher. In addition, compared to longitudinally patterned tires, the rolling resistance is relatively high, resulting in greater tire noise.

Forlander Tire

3.Mixed pattern tires

Mixed pattern tires are a common type of tire in the current truck market, with both horizontal and vertical patterns on the tread. They are general-purpose tires that combine the drainage capacity of vertical patterns and the grip of horizontal patterns, making them suitable for a wider range of scenarios.

Partial mixed pattern tires, also known as mahjong block tires, have strong traction and superior grip performance, and sufficient grip can ensure normal driving on muddy roads, making them more suitable for areas with poor road conditions.

Hybrid pattern tires are mainly suitable for use with drive wheels. Drive wheel specific tires are generally divided into unidirectional and symmetrical patterns. The unidirectional pattern will have a standard rolling direction on the side of the tire according to the direction of the pattern. When installing, be careful not to install it upside down, while the symmetrical pattern will have the same or similar tread patterns on both sides, and there is no rolling direction.

Forlander Tire

4.Off road tires

Off road patterned tires, as the name suggests, are tires designed for off-road vehicles and belong to a type of mixed pattern. In the truck market, they are mainly used for specialized vehicles such as dump trucks and mixer trucks, as these vehicles often need to enter and exit harsh working conditions.

Off road patterned tires generally have huge pattern blocks and extremely deep groove designs, and the shoulder area of the tire has been reinforced accordingly. The ground contact is relatively small, but it has strong grip on soft roads and strong passability. Even in snow and mud, good braking and handling can be maintained.

But its disadvantage is also very obvious, that is, compared to other patterned tires, the rolling resistance is greater, so the fuel consumption generated during driving is also relatively high. Moreover, due to factors such as environmental factors and large tread patterns, tire wear is also relatively fast.

Forlander Tire

V.What Kind Of Problem Tire Can I Apply For Compensation?

Symptoms and claims standards of truck and bus tire diseases

The scope of claims that can be made is

  1. According to national regulations, tires can be used for 3 years (some manufacturers require 5 years) from production. If the tread pattern wear meets the claims policy, early damage caused by manufacturing issues can be compensated.
  2. For unused new tires with appearance quality issues, they can be replaced.

Overview of Forlander Tire FR206 11R22.5 Drive Tires

One of the main features of the Forlander FR206 drive tire is the steel cord that reinforces the tire, so it has a strong structure. They are made of natural rubber and high-quality synthetic rubber imported from Thailand, which enhances their wear resistance, ensuring a longer service life and reducing the need for frequent replacement. The deep tread depth of the FR206 tires provides excellent traction on wet and dry surfaces. It improves the truck’s ability to accelerate and brake effectively, but also enhances overall stability and control while driving. Can reduce the risk of truck accidents. Additionally, Forlander FR206 tires are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Their low rolling resistance helps minimize fuel consumption, thereby improving fuel economy. In the long run, this can lead to significant cost savings for businesses like shipping companies.

Forlander FR206 11R22.5 drive tires are suitable for a variety of road conditions and truck types. These tire designs perform well in a variety of conditions.

On highways and Class I roads, the Forlander FR206 tires perform well due to their deeper tread pattern. This design allows for superior roadholding and stability, resulting in enhanced truck handling and control. Whether it’s long distance or urban traffic, these tires can provide reliable traction, ensuring the truck has better safety and stability.

The Forlander FR206 tires perform equally well on mixed surfaces and extreme conditions. Sturdy construction and durable composite materials allow them to handle rough terrain with ease. The deep tread provides excellent traction on loose gravel, dirt and mud, allowing the truck to navigate challenging routes with confidence.

In terms of truck types, Forlander FR206 tires are ideal for a variety of commercial vehicles. Whether it’s a regional freight truck, a vocational vehicle or a long-haul tractor-trailer, these tires provide consistent performance and durability. Their ability to withstand heavy loads and high mileage makes them a reliable choice for different trucking applications.

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