truck tire size chart
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Forlander has a large tire catalog complete with all position tire, drive wheel, steer and trailer tire, all-season tires, winter tires, and more. Find your tire size within the truck tire size chart below to see a selection that’s right for you.



6.50R16 12PR

7.00R16 14PR

7.50R16 14PR

12.00R24 20PR

325/95R24 20PR TL

285/75R24.5 16PR

295/60R22.5 18PR

13R22.5 20PR**

195/85R16 10PR LT

215/85R16 12PR LT

215/75R17.5 18PR

225/80R17.5 18PR

225/90R17.5 16PR

225/70R19.5 14PR

235/75R17.5 16PR

245/70R17.5 16PR

245/70R19.5 16PR

255/70R22.5 16PR

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