Ultimate Guide to 425 85R21 Tire


When it comes to heavy-duty truck tires, we have to think of the 425 85R21 Tire first. In this article guide, we will give a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the 425 85R21. From specifications, models, functions to its applications and advantages, we will explore one by one. This article will give you valuable insight into the size of this versatile tire.

425 85r21 Tire

I.What are the 425 85r21 tire definitions and specifications:

The tire size 425/85R21 can be understood by breaking down its specifications:

Tire Size:

Section Width (425):The tire has a section width of 425mm, measured from one sidewall to another sidewall.

Flatness Rate (85): The aspect ratio expresses the height of the tire as a percentage of the width of the tire. In this case, the tire height is 85% of the tire width.

Structure (R): Showing that 425 85r21 tires have a radial structure.

Rim Diameter (21):The tire is designed to fit on a wheel with a 21-inch diameter.

Overall Diameter:The height of the tire when mounted on the wheel is the overall diameter of the tire, which can be calculated using the aspect ratio and rim diameter.

Load Index(173E):The load index of the 425 85R21 tire is 173E, which refers to the numerical code related to the maximum load carrying capacity. The larger the number, the greater the load capacity..

PlyRating(PR):Plyrating represents the specific strength index of the maximum allowable load that the tire can withstand under specified conditions of use. It only represents the strength that is approximated by the number of cotton cord layers. For radial tires like the 425/85R21, the ply rating may be less emphasized.

For different tire manufacturers, the specific definitions can be different, but most of the above information is universal, and we can also analyze it based on the specific parameters given by the tire manufacturer.

II. What is the design and construction of 425 85R21 tire

The design of the tire refers to a lot of key information, among which the tread pattern design is a key factor for 425 85r21. The design of the tread pattern directly affects the braking force, driving force and traction of the tire on different roads. For tires such as 425 85r21 tyre used in off-road applications, the tread pattern design tends to adopt a radical design, so that it can have better grip on complex surfaces. On the other hand, in order to provide solid structural support for the 425 85r21 tires, the sidewall structure of the tire is also one of the important factors that need to be considered in the design, so that the sidewall can be strengthened on off-road roads and reduce performance loss.

The tire’s structure includes elements like hierarchical design, bead design, and material selection. The layered construction, consisting of fabric and steel layers, influences strength, load capacity, and puncture resistance. Furthermore, the bead connects the tire to the rim, impacting the connection’s strength and overall stability. Material selection, such as rubber compound and steel layers, is crucial for flexibility, strength, and heat resistance in a tire.

Overall, the 425 85r21 tires provide stable performance for a variety of applications through a well-engineered tread pattern, strong layered structure, and well-engineered beads. The combined effect of these designs and structures allows the tire to perform well in a variety of industrial, agricultural and off-road environments, providing users with a reliable choice.

III.What are the applicable fields of 425 85R21 tire?

The 425 85r21 tires are engineered for robust operation in a variety of heavy-duty applications. Designed specifically for off-road (OTR) use, the 425 85 21 features a rugged tread pattern that improves traction and maneuverability, making it ideal for off-road type terrain in agriculture, construction and mining. Its adaptable and durable design makes this tire a reliable choice for running vehicles in adverse road conditions.

Rugged carcass construction and tread design are the foundation of the 425 85 21 performance. The tire’s structure consists of multiple layers of fabric and steel belts that create an elastic outer shell that helps increase its strength and load-bearing capacity. The sidewall structure is engineered to provide strong structural support, which is critical to withstanding harsh off-road conditions. Additionally, the tire’s bead structure ensures a secure fit with the rim, thereby enhancing stability during operation. Careful selection of materials, including advanced rubber compounds and ply manufacturing, further enhances the tire’s flexibility, strength and heat resistance.

All in all, 425 85 tires have become a versatile and reliable choice in every heavy-duty tire segment. Its application range extends from agriculture to construction, mining, forestry and other fields, covering a range of industries requiring strong off-road performance. The tire is designed and constructed to meet the unique needs of each industry, helping to improve operating efficiency and durability in industrial and off-road environments.

IV.How to choose the Right 425 85r21 Tire?

Michelin XZL series: Michelin is a well-known tire manufacturer in France. Its XZL series tires are famous for their excellent grip and durability and are suitable for a variety of harsh terrain and road conditions for off-road and industrial purposes.

Bridgestone M843 series: Bridgestone is a leading tire manufacturer in Japan, specializing in the M843 series of tires designed for trucks and other heavy-duty transport vehicles. Its excellent wear resistance and puncture resistance make it suitable for high-load transportation and harsh working conditions.

Hankook AM15: Hankook is a Korean tire manufacturer whose AM15 series of tires are capable of handling harsh construction site environments, have good grip and durability, and are suitable for the construction and mining industries.

Forlander 425 85r21 Tire:Forlander is a Chinese tire brand that focuses on producing and supplying a variety of tire products. The 425 * 85 tires produced are suitable for heavy vehicle transportation such as trucks, off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Forlander brand 425 * 85 tires use high-wear-resistant rubber materials, advanced tread design and compound formulas. They have excellent grip and wear-resistance whether on dry roads or wet roads. They are suitable for trucks and off-road applications. Applications such as vehicles and agricultural machinery. Forlander 425 * 85 tires adopt advanced shock-absorbing technology, have strong load-carrying capacity and comfortable driving experience, and provide stable driving performance for various road conditions. Forlander tires use advanced technology and materials to make them durable, reducing replacement frequency and cost. In short, Forlander 425 85r21 tires are a reliable choice to meet different needs of high-load transportation and various application scenarios.


The 425 85r21 tire is a reliable and versatile choice for heavy-duty trucks operating in various industries. Its load capacity, traction, durability, and stability make it an excellent option for both on and off-road applications. When selecting tires in the 425 85r21 size, consider the specific needs of your operation and consult with experts for personalized recommendations. With the right tire choice, you can enhance the performance and safety of your heavy-duty truck.

Forlander 425 85r21 tires have excellent grip and wear resistance. The reason for choosing FORLANDER 425 85r21 tires is their excellent performance and reliability. Forlander 425 85r21 can be widely adapted to various harsh environments, has strong load capacity, affordable price and reliable quality. Whether on-road, off-road or in a construction site environment, these tires are suitable for providing safe and stable driving performance and meeting the needs of high-load transportation. The Forlander brand has a good reputation in the tire world and is a reliable choice.

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