11r22.5 16pr SW518D Forlander Tire  

Forlander Tire 11r22 5 16pr

11r22 5 16pr  SW518D Forlander Tyre


11r 22.5 Tyre Features and advantages Tread Depth:21mm

The forlander SW518D 11r22.5 tyre applicable for winter.

Special tread compound for enhancing wet slippery-resistance.

Stone ejectors in main grooves ensure piercing-resistance.Vertically and horizontally widened groove design ensures excellent traction on snow and ice road.

  Widened tread design ensures safely control during driving.

11r22.5  Canadian Tire Market

Canada, as an economically developed country, has a huge tire market. According to the Auto Insurance Company of Canada, by the end of 2020, private car ownership in Canada reached 30 million, and the total number of tires sold each year exceeded 10 million. This makes Canada one of the key players in the global tire market.

  1. Brand distribution of Canadian tire market

The Canadian tire market covers many domestic and foreign brands. According to the data released by the Canadian Tire Manufacturers Association, there are more than 100 tire brands on the market, including Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Broad, Horse and other well-known brands. In recent years, our Forlander brand has entered the Canadian market. As a Chinese tire brand, we can not only provide you with protection in tire quality, but also make our customers satisfied in tire price.

  1. Canadian tire market price level

In Canada, the price of tires is influenced by a number of factors, including brand, size, and performance. Based on consumer feedback and market research, it can be concluded that the price level of the Canadian tire market is relatively high, mainly because of import tariffs, seasonal changes and transportation costs.

  1. Performance requirements of Canadian tire market

Due to the vast area of Canada and the changeable climate, the performance requirements of tires are higher. According to expert analysis, the focus of Canadian consumers on tires is mainly on wear resistance, grip, wet braking and handling performance. And our Forlander tires do just that.

  1. User feedback from Canadian tire market

The experience and feedback of Canadian consumers on the use of tires plays an important role in influencing the market sales rankings. According to an online survey, Canadian consumers value durability, comfort and value for money when choosing tires.

11r22 5 tire Customer feedback

According to feedback from Canadian customers, 11r 22 5 SW518D can run 300,000 kilometers.

Forlander Tire-Comparison and analysis of brand products

The raw materials we use are natural bananas imported from Thailand. The natural rubber content is as high as 40%. We use advanced European production equipment and production technology. At the same time, we have very competitive products. Price, this is also the reason why we can open up the Canadian market and have long-term cooperation with customers.

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