What is mining tyres-Forlander tire 12.00 r20?

The function reflected by mining truck tires is that their wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary tires, and their load-bearing capacity is super strong. However, their speed level is low, and high-speed forms are strictly prohibited. The tread patterns of tires are much larger than those of ordinary tires.

Mining tyres can only meet the transportation distance within ten kilometers, and the speed of heavy vehicles is not allowed to exceed 25Km/h, and the daily working hours are not allowed to exceed 12 hours. Cannot overload, if the above conditions can be met, the quality can only meet the general evaluation.

What is the difference between highway transportation tires and mining truck tires?

The thickness and pattern of the tire crown are different.

  1. The tire crown for transportation is thin, lightweight, comfortable, and stable, making it more suitable for long-distance travel.
  2. Road transportation tires have deep tread patterns, increase grip, increase driving speed, and the tire temperature will not be too high.
  3. The tire crown thickness of loose tires in mines can effectively reduce damage due to poor road conditions, which can easily lead to tire explosions.
  4. Mine loose tires are smooth or light tread tires, suitable for transporting heavy objects and driving at close distances.

The role of mining vehicles is reflected in their more stable operation, larger load, and longer service life, and these performance are closely related to the use of vehicle accessories.

Support the full weight of the vehicle and bear the load of the vehicle; Transmit torque for traction and braking, ensuring adhesion between the wheels and the road surface; Reduce and absorb the vibration and impact force of the car during driving, prevent severe vibration and early damage to car components, adapt to the high-speed performance of the vehicle, reduce noise during driving, ensure driving safety, stable handling, comfort, and energy-saving economy. Scientific, appropriate, and correct selection of mining engineering vehicle tires will greatly improve work efficiency, reduce losses and troubles, and also greatly save costs. Generally, they are steel tires with large patterns. The general road condition of mining roads is poor, with large patterns that are more wear-resistant, have stronger grip, and are also resistant to stone inclusions. The function of mining tires is to have higher wear resistance and strong load-bearing capacity than ordinary tires, but with lower speed levels, high-speed mode is not allowed. The tread pattern of a tire is much larger than that of a regular tire.

Another problem in the use of mining tires is that hard rubber is easy to detach and falls off quickly, while soft rubber has poor wear resistance. In fact, these two formulas are targeted. Generally speaking, choosing the right tire is more important than anything else.

This tire has excellent load-bearing performance and tear resistance, making it a reliable choice for explosion-proof and load resistance. The stepped design of the groove and the large stones at the bottom have good anti rock ability; Strengthen ring structure design to improve bearing performance; Adopting anti puncture formula to improve the puncture and tear resistance of tires.

In addition, the enhanced tire belt structure design greatly improves the tire’s puncture resistance. The widened driving surface effectively extends the service life of tires on harsh roads such as mines, and reduces transportation costs.


12.00 r20 tire Product Performance

Strong blocky pattern and the middle of the crown connected by

reinforcing ribs, provide strong grip and climbing ability;

1.Special tread formula reduces crown heat and improves tyre

puncture resistance;

2.Optimized tread design makes the ground contact pressure more

evenly distributed and improves tyres’ wear resistance;

3.The new crown structure enhances puncture resistance and

bearing capacity;

4.Novel pattern’ has outstanding drainage and sewage discharge

performance; stepped bottom of grooves enable tyres to have

excellent self-cleaning performance. Anti-stone design effectively

prevents piercing by hard objects such as stones and the grooves

from cracking, improving puncture resistance;

5.Deepened transverse grooves can effectively improve the traction

and service life of tyres;

6.Special anti-scratch design of the sidewalls under shoulders can

effectively prevent the sidewalls of twin tyres from scraping each


7.Suitable for mines and mixed roads and high-load vehicles

working inside and outside mining areas, with transportation

distance of less than 80 kilometers;

8.When fully. loaded, the, load capacity of a single tyre is less than

200%,and the speed is less than 55km/h;

9.Suitable for non-paved roads, mines and other harsh roads.

According to relevant data, compared with similar products of the company, the durability of the tire has been improved by 20%, and the durability of the tire bead has been improved by 30%, making it a confident choice for mining tire users. At the beginning of the product development, almost all of China’s expansion markets were studied and the driving factors were fully communicated. A strong fetal body is an unparalleled advantage.

How to maintain mining tires?

  1. Regularly check tire pressure: Tire pressure is an important factor affecting tire life, not too high or too low, and should be inflated according to the tire pressure displayed on the vehicle.
  2. Regularly remove debris from tire patterns. Tires have long been prone to mixing debris such as crushed stones and bricks in their tread patterns. If not removed in a timely manner, it can cause significant damage to the tires. Especially when driving at high speeds, there are foreign objects in the tire pattern, which can easily cause a tire blowout.
  3. Check the wear status of tires: There is a significant difference in traction and grip between new and old tires, and tires with severe wear have weak grip and are prone to slipping. Therefore, tires should be replaced in a timely manner based on wear and tear.

How to determine whether a mining truck tires has been replaced?

  1. When there are visible abnormalities in the tires, they must be replaced at a repair shop. For example, if there is an abnormal phenomenon of bulging in the tire, there is a potential danger.
  2. It depends on the usage time of the tires. ordinary tires may wear out after more than 5 years of production. If it is almost worn out, it needs to be replaced.
  3. The direct way is to look at the 12.00 r20 tire’s indicator signs. Most tires have raised lines, and if you find that the wear of the tire is close to that line, you should consider changing the tire

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