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Hot-Selling Tire Models in These Countries and Regions

Forlander tires can view the tire pattern introduction according to different countries and regions, and match the tire model suitable for the road conditions and other aspects of the region.

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The Hot Tire Products


Our Products- TBR

◎Strong 4 belt
◎Super steel bead fabric construction
◎Enhanced sidewal
◎Special tread compound
( High wear-resistant; Cut &Chip Resistant Compound; Mine)
◎Excellent Dynamic balance Performance
◎High load capacity ↑ 130%-220%
◎Wide Tread
◎Retreadablity x3

  • Horizontal pattern, better drive performance, super bearing and grip capacity, ensure long service life.
  • Special formula adopted to improve the performance of chew resistance, puncture resistance and wear resistance.
  • Strengthen tire bead design ensures excellent load performance.
  • Small cutter grooves provide the tyre with a strong grip performance and ability of anti-slippery.

  • Super wide running surface, specially processed shoulder plus a specially designed tread compound make its wear resistance more remarkable.

  • The inclined surface of zigzag grooves can effectively discharge clamped pebbles.

  • Applicable for normal and good road surface

  • With good stable ability and wear resistance comfortable and fuel saving

  • Good wear resistance and fuel saving

  • Continuous pattern in the shoulder avoids tire irregular wear

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